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New Discovery! 

Miracle Device That Completely Gets Rid Of BLOOD PRESSURE, STROKE, ARTHRITIS, PAIN, OBESITY And Other CHRONIC AILMENTS Without Taking Drugs Or Herbs


The latest discovery is awesome. One single device cures over 50diseases without paying a visit to the doctors nor take a single pill. This powerful device is an excellent health care device that can assist anyone who has health problems, it has restored thousands of lives (both men and women) and save them from untimely death.

This Miracle Device is Effective for Treatment and Cure of:

  • Partial Strokes
  • Stiff Shoulder
  • Paralysis
  • Waist/Back Pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Neck Aches
  • Weight Reducing
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Energy Failure
  • End Neural Paralysis
  • Lumbago
  • Whole Body Fatique
  • Neuralgia
  • Toothache
  • Scrapping 
  • Erectile Dysfunction 
  • Irregular Menstruation
  • Weak Sexual Ability
  • Cupping
  • Burn Tummy Fat
  • Acupuncture
  • Manipulation
  • Massage

  • Headache
  • Immunotherapy
  • Cold
  • ETC...
  • These are serious HEALTH ISSUES. Left Untreated, it can cause others health complication. If you have ever been diagnosed with any of the ailment listed above, then you need to act on it now using this life-saving device.



  • Digital Therapy Machine is modern health care therapeutic device which adopts traditional Chinese medicine of Acupuncture technology, with a blend of modern health science requirements to suit human body for treatment and cure of various acute chronic diseases (including PARTIAL STROKES, STIFF SHOULDER, PARALYSIS, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, LOW BLOOD PRESSURE, NECK ACHES, WEIGHT REDUCING, RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, ENERGY FAILURE, END NEURAL PARALYSIS, STOMACH ACHE, NEURALGIA, WHOLE BODY FATIGUE, WAIST/BACK PAIN, TUMMY FAT, TOOTHACHE, WEAK SEXUAL ABILITY, IRREGULAR MENSTRUATION, BAD COLD, SHANK ACHE etc). This machine also works amazingly in Relieving Tiredness, Eliminating Body Pains, Relaxing Muscles and Improving Blood Circulation

  • It is VERY EFFECTIVE with no side effect. It is endorsed by professional Physiotherapist as a curative procedure for several health conditions with the highest INTERNATIONAL certifications like: ISO, MOODY-Germany, FDA, UKAS Quality Management, FCC, ROHS, etc

See this 2mins Video...

Benefits of Digital Therapy Machine Includes:

  • Improved immune function & Enhanced circulation of blood
  • Enhanced versatility and also mobility
  • Headache alleviation
  • Treatment and Cure of Chronic Diseases using digital techniques
  • It transfers the physical factors necessary to the human body into precise digital signals and conducts comprehensive therapy through computer based on the requirements of the body.
  • Its unique deep treatment button can be used to instantly change the output pulse wave so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and flesh, making you more satisfied and with renewed vigour.
  • Its electronic pulses stimulate acupuncture pressure points and improve blood flow and treat various aches and other conditions.


  • Easy to operate (It also comes with a Video CD and user manual to put you through)
  • Equipped with large size LCD, on which the intensity, functions, therapeutic time can be clearly displayed both in Chinese and English.
  • The unique deep treatment button can be used to instantly change the output pulse width so that the therapeutic effect can go deep into the skin and flesh, making you more satisfactory.
  • The marvelous waveform composition let you feel a sense of reality of thumping, massage, acupuncture and moxibustion, naprapathy, cupping, scraping.
  • Massage the acupuncture points of the body, relieve fatigue and improve body function Large, oval electrode pads for gentle massage .Compact and lightweight design.

What's Included In This Complete Kits Are:

  • 1 x Digital Therapy Machine
  • 1 x English User Manual
  • 1 x Step by Step Treatment Video CD
  • 4 x Electrode Pads
  • 1 x 4-way Electrode Pad Connector/Wire
  • 1 x Travel Charger (AC 110~250V)
  • 1 x USB Power Cable
  • 3 AAA Batteries

Read what our customers says after using this product..

Truly this is a miracle healing device, my blood pressure was restored to normal (120/80) within 4days of usage. Nobody could ever believe this, have tried many things but didn't work (including herbs). I STRONGLY recommend this to anyone who truely cares about his/her health.  (Ayomide O)

Before now I go to the Doctor every two weeks and I pay huge amount of money to sustain my health. When I saw the advert of this product online, I decided to give this a trial. Right now, I have a sound health. No more going to Doctor. Thanks so much for saving my life.   (Jenny)

Wao! This is amazing. Very helpful, Just within 3days of using this device, I was completely relief of severe back/waist pain.  (Kingsley)

Pot Belly Dissapear in 7days. My body weight has been a great concern to me, have tried lots of products but they were all waste of money. Digital therapy helps to burned my tummy fat and amazingly reduced my overall body weight, what more can I say than to say thank you. Thumbs up to you guys.   (Emeka)

Haa! I am more than Happy today, thanks to Digital Therapy Machine, very easy to use. Not only did this cure Stroke, it also reverse the complication, am totally heal and 100% active.  (John P

Doctors charge hundreds of thousand of Naira for treatment but with a token I bought this Digital therapy device and in less than 3weeks, I was able to completely cure Rheumatoid Arthritis and severe body pain also dissapears. I love the fact that you do everything from home without having to visit or pay any doctor This is the best ever, I hope every four corners of Nigeria will grab this miracle device.   (Madam Loveth)

 About sixteen years ago, at the age of 51, I began suffering with pain after standing still for long periods of time. Soon thereafter, I began experiencing “traveling” inflammation to various parts of my body: one week it would be in one or two fingers, the next week in one of my wrists, a month later in my shoulder. I became so stiff that I could hardly bend over to tie my shoelaces. I was becoming a cripple and nothing seem to work but I got my life back with digital therapy machine. Words of mouth can't convey my feelings, am so happy today. Thanks  (Adeyi Haruna)

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How To Order For This Product

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  • Full Name
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Note - Once we received your message, we will call you to confirm your order (minus weekend). We will ship the product to you and you will get it within 5-7days.

Alternatively, you can also come to our marketing office to pickup this product. Check our office address at the bottom of this page.

Note - Aside the fact that the discount offer will close very soon, the demand for this product is very high and right now we have just 12packs of this product in stock and with the look of thing.....anyone that delay to place order might miss out of this. If you really desired a lasting solution, you have to place order right away. 

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Cases Like: I don't have money, I travelled, I was just joking with the order and many other unreasonable excuses are heart-breaking and unfair. We use money to send the product via courier company.

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Thanks for your corporation, you can proceed to place order if you are FULLY ready for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

    • Does this Solution have any side effect? - No, It doesnt have any side effect. It is Internationally Endorsed, tested and proven unlike those fake pills with side effect.
    • How do I use this machine? - It is very easy to use, the device comes with a step-by-step user manual and treatment Video CD to put you through.
    • How effective is this and when will I start to see result? - This product is very effective, You start seeing result starting from the first few days of usage
    • Is the cure for disease/ailment permanent or just temporary? - It is permanent
    • What age range is this solution meant for? - This Solution can be use for people of Age 13 to 90+


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