Get Rid Of Tough Stain And Whitening Teeth Up To 10 Shades

Stained or yellow-dark teeth can lead to people not smiling at all, embarrassed of what others will think of their oral imperfections. Stained teeth could lead people to be very shy and have reservations of being in large public groups. It could be embarrassing, looking at everyone else’s smiles and being envious, even making a person hesitant to get up and speak in public.

The truth is: A bright, healthy smile boosts self confidence. With this amazing solution, you can now get a gleaming, white, strong and sparkling teeth and you won't longer need to hid your teeth in the public

If you are ready to safely and effectively whiten your teeth from home without paying a penny to dentist...

We have GOODNEWS for YOU

This award winning Advanced Teeth Whitening Device is the perfect choice

#1 World Premium Certified Solution

This Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit has everything to whithen teeth up to 10 shades whiter in a matter of days - all from the comfort of your own home!.

It removes years of stains, including coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and other tough stains. It allows you to continue to whitening and maintain your white teeth from the comforts of home. This product is very effective and easy to use, no more paying huge amount of money to dentist

This teeth whitening kits doesn’t have any side effect, proven and tested at Dentech Laboratory in USA. It is effective and affordable, providing you with instantly whiter and brighter teeth.

This product is Safe and Effective, Approved and Certified, See Certificate Below:


  • Whitening teeth up to 10 shades within 10 -14 days!!!
  • Removes years of stains, including coffee, wine, soda, smoking, and other tough stains.
  • Relieve, Rebuild and Restore!
  • Protect Teeth
  • Improve appearance and boost self-confidence.

What Is Included In This Kit

  • 3 set of 3ml gel syringe mint flavour strong formulation.
  • Blue LED accelerator laser light (with original battery)
  • Set of upper & lower mouth guards for gel.
  • A well explained instruction guide.

Usage Guide

Can be use by both male and female, young and old. 30 to 60 minutes per day for 14 days or less achieve real results. (Step by step usage instruction is included in the kit)

See this 1mins Video Below:

How Effective Is This Product ?

I am a living testimony. With this product, we have HELPED a large number of people to whiten and restore their teeth.

Another Testimony

Another Testimony

See Written Testimony From Some Of Our Customers:

Dentist charged over N150,000 to remove stain. But with this advanced teeth whiteining kit, you achieve faster and better result (within 10-14days) from the comfort of your home and you won't even pay up to N30,000 to get this complete kit. Isn't this great ?

How Much Is This Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit?

The price for 1piece is N23,500 but we are currently running a discount price till Jul 19, 2018

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How Soon Can We Deliver This Product To Your Doorstep ?

This product will be deliver to you within 4-6days after we have confirmed your order.

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